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Muller Painting

  About Us

Company History  

Conrad Muller Company was started in 1960 by Conrad Muller Sr. under the name Conrad Muller Painting. Mr. Muller grew a loyal customer base by paying attention to detail and making customer satisfaction a priority.

Mr. Muller had four sons- Conrad, Jr., Keith, Glen, and Craig. The sons worked summers in the business while in high school and eventually all four joined the business permanently. While working for their dad the sons learned every aspect of the business while becoming quite skilled in every aspect of painting. As the business grew each son became a working foreman so that each job could have that 'personal' touch.

Mr. Muller retired in 1997 and the sons took over the business and changed the name to Muller Painting LLC.

Muller Sons

Today the business has grown to include a growing number of employees and an expanding client base, as well as offering a number of services.

Muller Painting still has a loyal customer base as well as doing work for approximately 25 building contractors.

Although the business has grown the Mullers still pay attention to detail and customer satisfaction.

Muller Painting is committed to providing the highest quality job while making customer satisfaction a top priority.


Muller Painting, LLC

2641 Marietta Avenue
Kenner, LA  70062

504-915-5125 | 504-382-7750 | 504-466-1144 Fax