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Muller Painting




Words cannot express my appreciation for the beautiful painting job performed by all of the employees of Muller Painting. Our home is truly gorgeous, both inside and outside.

Throughout the construction of this, my own “dream home”, I have had the pleasure of doing business with you. All of you have been totally accommodating and pleasant, doing little “extra’ things, and even offering assistance in other aspects of the construction which were certainly helpful. Besides the routine painting of exterior, walls and baseboard stains were matched perfectly. You exhibited great patience, putting up with my perfectionist attitude and our procrastinations and changes of mind. With all of the home’s intricacies and special touches which required special attention in regard to painting and staining, I honestly don’t think that other less-reputable companies could have satisfied me.

The things that impress customers are craftsmanship, attitude, cooperation, assistance, and adaptation to change, honesty, and courtesy. All of these traits can be summarized as PRIDE. And I truly feel that the Muller’s, along with their dedicated employees, personify this pride.

Finally, of all of the sub-contractors that I worked with on my home, and I had damn-good subcontractors, I feel that Muller Painting takes first place. Thanks again for being a part of my dream and for making things so beautiful.

  Edwin and Donna Porche

To Whom It May Concern:

Our church, St. Andrew's Episcopal Church - Paradis, was built in 1914. Its simple construction is cypress with a bell tower rising to about 25 feet. It had not been repainted in at least twenty years and was badly in need of sanding and painting. In addition, pieces ofthe siding were missing and there had been some water/termite damage. None of these challenges deterred Muller Painting, LLC of Kenner, LA, from bidding on the job. The bid was reasonable for the extensive work that needed to be done. The additional challenges which arose during the job did not faze the professionals at Muller Painting. They scheduled the work quickly. The job included power washing the church, sanding up to the peaks, caulking when the water and dust started coming through to the inside of the church, repairing missing siding and termite damage, and finally painting the church and the Parish Hall. Where it was dull,
pealing, mildewed, and dirty before, our church now gleams with a new repairs and paint job.

Muller Painting did more than we expected when painting St. Andrew's Episcopal - Paradis. They worked diligently whenever the weather permitted, arriving early and working conscientiously throughout the day. AND they completed the painting in a timely fashion. They did not abandon the job when difficulties arose. They were always courteous and were wonderful to work with.

Our congregation is delighted with the results of the work of Muller Painting, L.L.C. of Kenner, LA, and would recommend their company for any type of painting that needs to be done on any type of structure. If they bid it, they will do it. If they do it, I know that the customers will be more than satisfied. The congregation of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church - Paradis, LA, thanks the Muller brothers and their crew for an excellent job. You have given our church a new lease on life.

Sara Sims Touchard
Senior Warden - St. Andrew's Ep~ scopal Church - Paradis, LA

Muller Painting, LLC

2641 Marietta Avenue
Kenner, LA  70062

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