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Muller Painting

Interior & exterior painting of existing homes
Muller Painting pays attention to detail and works closely with the customer to match colors and make sure the customer is completely satisfied. Great care is taken to make sure furnishings and floorings are left in the same condition as when we started the job.
Muller Painting
Interior & exterior painting of new residential construction
Painting works closely with the contractor or individual to make sure all of the details that they request are taken care of. A huge investment, like a new home, demands our full attention.
Muller Painting
Faux Finishing
Muller Painting provides a number of different options in the decorating of your home. Our faux specialist meets with each customer to find out their preferences and provides samples before the job is started.
Muller Painting
Commercial Painting
Muller Painting is available to paint apartment buildings, office buildings, as well as hospitals and clinics.
Muller Painting
Drywall Finishing
Muller Painting is a full service business. Upon request we hang, tape, float and texture your drywall , as well as repair damage to existing drywall.
Power Washing
Muller Painting provides power washing to residential homes as well as commercial buildings.

Muller Painting, LLC

2641 Marietta Avenue
Kenner, LA  70062

504-915-5125 | 504-382-7750 | 504-466-1144 Fax

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